Super Glass Resin on Woodburning

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Super Glass Resin on Woodburning

Published by Valerie in Pyrography · 19 May 2022
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Fully transparent, high-hardness, glass-solidifying two-component resin system. Extremely resistant, stable material after hardening, does not turn yellow.

1. Preparing the work surface
Work in a well-ventilated, well-lit environment. The work surface should be horizontal and protected with silicone paper from dirt. Always wear protective gloves when working!

2. Measurement
Fill the components into separate containers with exactly one volume of components A and B. The measurement must be accurate for the resin to harden perfectly

3. Mixing
Pour the weighed components into a clean mixing bowl. Make a completely homogeneous mixture of the two substances by stirring vigorously for two minutes. I used a plastic spatula for mixing.

4. Pouring
I poured the homogeneous mixture onto the wooden surface, which must be free of dust, oily, greasy dirt, otherwise the adhesion will not be good. I used it in two coats, each coat should be allowed enough time to dry.

5. Bubble removal
After pouring, approx. After 5 minutes, the bubbles formed during mixing come to the surface. These must be carefully expelled from the mixture, taking care not to inhale the escaping gases! - I used a Dremel burner (held slowly about 15 centimeters away from the surface)
6. Drying
Allow the mixture to dry in a dust-free place at room temperature (20 - 25 oC). The total cure time is 48 to 72 hours, but for thicker layers this time may be longer.

7. Cleaning
The mixing equipment can be cleaned with alcohol and paper towels immediately after use.

Tips: The mixed mixture can be colored with: Pentart resin dye, max. 5%, a few drops of Pentart media ink.
We can make it shiny: with metallic pigment powder, Pentart Art Mica, Galaxy Flakes. The mold can be sanded, polished and drilled after complete drying.

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Valeria Huszti
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